• 1 carton/ 50 op./ 1000 pcs. KN95 Mask

1card/ 50 op./ 1000 pcs. Masks KN95 – 5 layered,packed 2 pcs., in a box of 20 pcs.

The quantity in the package 1 pkg.
Shipping within 2days
Shipping price The lack of product
The Availability High availability
Weight 2 kg

KN95 disposable 5-layer protective mask, packed in 100 pieces each


High-quality protective mask KN95 with a filter that guarantees an efficiency of 95%, thus providing ideal protection. y provides wearing comfort while maintaining maximum tightness.


KN95 half mask, effective protection for 4-5 hours, filter efficiency at 95% - it captures at least 95% of the layers from the air, such as aerosol particles (drops), in which microorganisms, dust and smoke particles may be suspended.



Advantages of the KN95 protective mask:


• universal size


• 5 layers of material, 3 of which are layers of filtration material


• filtering out almost all inputs, viruses and bacteria.


• the mask is very air-permeable, ensuring free breathing.


• comfortable attachment behind the ears


• lightweight layout improves comfort during use and extends the wearing time


• light and soft material, PP nonwoven fabric - does not cause irritation, safe and delicate in contact with the skin


• the FFP2 (KN95) respirator complies with the GB2626-2006 standard


WARNING! - Due to the situation that prevails all over the world and the very fast pandemic of the coronavirus pandemic, for the sake of the safety of our customers, we force online assistance to NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.

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